District Osteopathic Societies

The OOA's District Societies are essential to connect osteopathic physicians across our state. Each district meets at least once a year to nominate officers and if available, nominate a representative to the OOA's Board of Trustees. This ensures equal representation of the osteopathic physicians in our state on the Board of Trustees.

If you need assistance connecting with your district's representatives, please contact us at 405-528-4848.


R. Kelly McMurry, DO (Panhandle)

Kenan Kirkendall, DO (Western)

Kalli Reimer, DO (Northwest)

Layne E. Subera, DO (North Central)

Cheryl B. Kroeker, DO (Northeast)
Janel H. Johnson, DO (Tulsa)

Justin Sparkes, DO (South Central)

Dennis J. Carter, DO (Eastern)

Luanne Solis, DO (Southwestern)

Ryan Schafer, DO (Southern)

Monica W. Woodall, DO (Southeastern)
The point of contact with the OOA's central office for district society related maters is Mykayla Caplinger, who may be reached at [email protected]
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