The Mission of the Friends of the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association ("FOOA") is to promote awareness of and support the Osteopathic Profession within Oklahoma through collaboration, education, and community. The FOOA is a membership association for the spouses, relatives, and loved ones of OOA Physician, Resident, and Medical Student members. 

You can read the bylaws of the FOOA here: FOOA Bylaws 2021.pdf

Interested in becoming a member? Sign up here!

FOOA Officers:

President -- Sheridan Leake, JD

President Elect -- Shelley Thurman

Vice President -- Flo Conklin  (interim)

Treasurer -- Beverly Schafer

Secretary -- Holly Gerard

Immediate Past President -- Glenda Carlile

Ex Officio Officers:

OOA Board Liaison -- Richard Schafer, DO

OOA CEO/Executive Director -- Allison LeBoeuf, JD

OEFOM Board Liaison -- Timothy Moser, DO

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