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The OOA impacts public policy in many ways – including direct contact with the legislature, through your advocacy with your respective legislators, as well as through the Oklahoma Osteopathic Political Action Committee (OOPAC). In 2018, the physician community as a whole faced many challenges. Controlling opioids and preventing abuse was a major focus of several lawmakers. We worked to narrow the many proposed bills into a few, focused pieces of legislation. Our efforts are only maximized when the entire profession is involved. Donate today and increase our effectiveness as we defend your practice and patients. 



Thank you to the following physicians and friends of the profession who have contributed in 2018:  

EXECUTIVE PAC PARTNER ($1,000-$2,499) Thomas H. Conklin, DO
V. Ray Cordry, DO
Monica M. Woodall, DO
EXECUTIVE PAC PARTNER ($1,000-$2,499) Paul F. Benien, DO
Kenneth E. Calabrese, DO
Jay Cunningham, DO
Dale Derby, DO
Melissa A. Gastorf, DO
Joseph R. Johnson, DO
Bret S. Langerman, DO
Thomas B. Leahey, DO
Rebecca D. Lewis, DO
Phillip A. Nokes, DO
Carl B. Pettigrew, DO
Gabriel M. Pittman, DO
Layne E. Subera, DO
PREMIER PAC PARTNER ($500-$999) Brian A. Allee, DO
Thomas J. Carlile, DO
Michael K. Cooper, DO
Bobby N. Daniel, DO
Thomas W. Essex, DO
H. Dwight Hardy, DO
David F. Hitzeman, DO
Michael J. Irvin, DO
John S. Marouk, DO
Timothy J. Moser, DO
Terry L. Nickels, DO
C. Michael Ogle, DO
Thomas H. Osborn, DO
Christopher A. Shearer, DO
Jonathan B. Stone, DO
James R. Turrentine, DO
Sherri Wise
LeRoy E. Young, DO
Brooks B. Zimmerman, DO
PAC PARTNER ($499 OR LESS) Bob R. Abernathy, DO
Patrice A. Aston, DO
Brian Berryman, DO
Anne Winsjansen Burton, DO
Jonathan K. Bushman, DO
Gary W. Cannon, DO
Scott Cyrus, DO, FACOP
Robin R. Dyer, DO
George E. Erbacher, DO
Jason L. Hill, DO
R. David Hogg, DO
James W. Hogin, DO
Lana G. Ivy, MBA 
Randall L. Kemp, DO
Cary L. Lacefield, DO
Linda Lantrip, DO
Judy L. Magnusson, DO
Susan V. Mathew, DO
R. Kelly McMurry, DO
Ashley N. Muckala, DO
Douglas C. Nolan, DO
William J. Pettit, DO
Stanley K. Rogers, DO
Richard W. Schafer, DO
Michael A. Whinery, DO
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